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Conquering the Biggest HR Holiday Challenges

CoAdvantage- Though we usually associate the holidays – starting with Halloween at the end of October and running through New Year’s Day – with fun events and time spent with loved ones, this time of year can pose some serious challenges. It’s often stressful for workers to manage so many personal obligations, especially during a time when many businesses must be working harder than ever. How can companies help their teams to cope with common holiday-related challenges? Read on.

Productivity Lapses
The holiday season is full of distractions and time-off requests, and these can impact productivity in the office. To keep employee productivity high, consider offering some flex scheduling options during the holidays. That can give employees a chance to take care of personal tasks during the week in exchange for working alternate hours or telecommuting.

Workplace Resentment
Employers may find themselves juggling more time off requests than they can grant. Make sure the system used is fair. For example, first-come-first-serve is probably a better approach than using a seniority system. The latter might give the same people priority preference year after year. Consider alternating holidays too, e.g., they can take time off at Thanksgiving but not at Christmas, or vice versa.

Stress and Overwhelm
The Society for Human Resource Management recommends that employers consider setting up special concierge services for your employees. This means hiring services that will take care of minor employee tasks and chores, e.g. handling dry cleaning, quick trips to the store, etc. This can be a great way for employers to show appreciation for workers while helping them to de-stress.

Employees missing work unexpectedly outside of workplace guidelines can become a pressing problem during the holidays. Thankfully, employers have a bevy of strategies for preventing and responding to absenteeism. For example, flex scheduling can help with absenteeism too.

Workplace Illness
This winter workplaces will have to deal with more than just the flu. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, employers should continue to take safety precautions in hopes of preventing the spread of both COVID-19 and the flu. Make sure your workers weather flu season wisely and follow CDC safety guidelines to keep them healthy all season long.

The holiday blues are a real phenomenon. From the rise of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) to financial distress during a particularly expensive time of the year, employees may struggle with mental health issues. Employee assistance programs that include counseling services can be very helpful, but simply being attentive to employees can help as well. If any employees seem to be struggling under the weight of this holiday season stress, reach out to them.

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