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The Hidden, Eye-Opening Benefit of HR Technology

HR technology has a secret benefit you might not have thought about.

In addition to giving you and your employees the ability to manage HR needs effortlessly and efficiently – including tracking time, payroll and PTO, accessing benefits information, and editing personal information – HR technology can also offer greater transparency and insight to business owners and managers.

When leaders lack critical visibility into operations, they can’t even know what problems they need to fix.

But with HR technology and role-based dashboards presenting consolidated, actionable information, suddenly everyone has straight-forward access to critical data needed to ensure HR and employee-related activities are aligning with organizational objectives.

HR technology can also centralize information in one place, making it easier to get a comprehensive and complete view from within a single system. In other words, it helps owners and managers get a total view of what’s going on inside the business, with just a click. Then, automated reports help the business understand performance consequences and bottom-line impacts. That means leaders can make decisions based on realities rather than aspirations or guesses.

Transparency helps employees too, because it illuminates areas of previous confusion, frustration and delay or inaction. In other words, employees can do for themselves what they had to wait for others to do. As CoAdvantage CIO Mark Zimmerman says, “PEOs provide many HR technology services today, such as electronic ways in which employers can onboard employees or in which employees can select benefits or get their paystubs online.”

Like their employers, employees can gain clarity into what’s happening with pay, benefits and more … and then use that information to make smarter decisions for themselves. The information can also resolve he said/she said type scenarios before they even start. Altogether, that adds up to happier and more satisfied employees.

But a word of warning: technology alone can raise more questions than it answers. It’s technology paired with HR expertise that provides the in-depth answers that lead to high value outcomes.

“If somebody has a problem with that payroll or a question relative to, say, overtime, technology-only platforms will never be able to support them,” says Mark. “Without a true HR organization to support you and identify where those problems are, you will continually have those issues. Change requires both expertise and insight.”

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