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How to Facilitate In-House and Outsourced HR Staff Working Together

If you contract out to a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) partner, or are considering doing so, how can your organization ensure that your in-house staff and outside HR partner work together seamlessly? Here are three best practices to employ.

Communication is key to any successful relationship. Very often, businesses outsource transactional HR tasks specifically so that the in-house staff can focus on strategic HR. However, don’t keep your partner in the dark when it comes to big picture goals. If they’re aware of how their work fits into your organization’s objectives, they can tailor their efforts to strengthen your ability to attain those goals. For example, if you outsource recruitment, make sure your partner understands your long-term staffing goals, so they can adjust their tactics appropriately. This works both ways: ensure your partner keeps you updated as well.

Understand clearly what your PEO will and won’t do.
Setting clear expectations for everyone facilitates success in the relationship. For example, many businesses worry that working with a PEO means completely surrendering control of HR functionality, and this is not true – the business and its in-house staff always retain control over key HR decisions. It’s important to remember that your HR partner is bound by the agreement you made with them.

Look for service providers who can help manage the change.
Not all PEO providers are equally adept at managing the changeover to outsourcing, yet a successful transition is critical to long-term success and beneficial outcomes. Look for a provider that can explain the transition process clearly and can bring change management assistance to your company, so your team can transition successfully from the old way of doing things to the new.


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